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I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and my love for making photographs began with being inspired by, and wanting to capture, the unique beauty of the places and people here.

I also like to tell my own stories through photographs. To me, photos can communicate what I do not have words for.

I have three reasons why I would want to make a photo. The first is for sentimental reasons. Some people collect coins or stamps or glass dragons. I collect moments. The second reason is wanting to express an emotion that the viewer can share with me. The third reason to make a photo is because it just is visually pleasing. The photos that mean the most to me have a little of each of these elements.

My camera has afforded me experiences which I otherwise would not have had. I think it was my destiny to become a visual artist, if for nothing else than to observe and experience more in life.



my favorites and hopefully yours, too :-)

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the stories I needed photoshop to help me tell.

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San Francisco 1414 Auto mechanics; Big Freedia in recording studio and ...

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travel and landscapes

"Oh, the places you'll go!" -Dr. Seuss

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life in the bay area

the unique things about living in SF bay area.

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people and portraits

so many beautiful people! All shot around the bay area.

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parties and nightlife

nights out in San Francisco 2010-2014. Atmosphere, Mighty, Noble, Juli ...

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Breakdancing from various events in the bay area including sunday stre ...

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My family, friends, experiences, and in-between moments.

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Thrill The World, Oakland,CA-2011-2014

Thrill the world (TTW) is an annual event created by Ines Makeljevic w ...

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